Tyrant IDS



Judging by the picture you would imagine this is all about our own hateful Ian Duncan Smith.. well it`s not (entirely). This is more about the malignancy within the UK government, fraudulent politics and the resulting disorder it has brought upon us.

example [1] Guardian 7/11/14 link:

ALL the cheating and scheming perpetuated by our gormless chancellor George (Gideon) Osbourne has been unravelling due to the recent £1.7bn bill from the EU. Somehow he has managed to squeeze a reprieve from the 1st December date of payment to two instalments AFTER the elections.

This promises even more false “austerity” for the peoples of the UK hereafter. The lies, cheating and fraudulent methods used to falsify the GDP as higher than it in fact is are the reason why such a bill exists. Not only that but also the misspending of money diverted away from public amenities and services, done as a punishment it would seem (to any objective observer) on the UK public.

What had previously been lawfully known as various classifications of fraud have now been legalized by this History student and now the price must be paid for this fraudulent behaviour. Well done Gideon you malfeasant self-absorbed idiot!

example [2] Express.com 27/11/14  link:

Rather than tame the EU and their billing policy toward the UK, David Cameron has managed to end up with another darker cloud looming over the collective heads of the UK public on this issue.

 The EU now claims the UK must cough up a further £33.7bn before 2020 taking the annual payments over a staggering £13bn p.a.

Per day = £35.7 million
Per week = £250 million
Per Calendar month = £1.15 billion

Of course this is a further example of repercussions from not only the fraudulent running of the UK economy by the government masked as a “coalition” but also the same factors in the EU general economy masked as a “coalition” of countries “helping” each other. 

Other countries like Germany who actually spend more on their public services and amenities saw a reduction in their bills at the last count. However the UK “coalition`s” policies deny that to the populace of their peoples.

This current robbery in progress in the UK masked as “austerity” required to put the UK economy back on it`s feet is no more than a Thatcherite practice of selling the family silver or more accurately selling the property of the UK people which this government does not have the rite to do.

example [3] Mirror 13/05/14    link:

Be under no illusion where IDS comes in on this as he is the go to guy for any of the despicable inhumane practices that require covering up. Amongst these cover ups are the deaths of people directly linked to his running of the DWP and cover ups regarding investigations into paedophiles within the higher tiers of the UK establishment.

Reflecting on all that`s been said and done so far, then the future proposals of tyrannical abuse being laid out… these are nothing short of a declaration of War against the greater populace of the UK.

If money in the public sector had have been properly allocated to services such as welfare and the NHS, not to mention funding for small businesses these EU bills may well not have occurred (certainly the £1.7bn one). This approach however is contrary to the policies of viciously attacking the people by this band of over-privileged misanthropes.

One question you need to ask yourself is there a difference between somebody in the UK dying from the cold due to the cold winters we have here and lack of fuel money or a person from the “Third World” who starves to death? They both end up dead after all.

          TO SUMMARIZE

Apart from the named players involved in this game of tyranny that IS being played out there is an underlying cause known as globalization.
It is inevitable given this world of advanced communications and networked ideas that we WILL become a true global community.
    That community WILL come about by the consent and co-operation of the people within it (all of us) and it WILL NOT be forced upon us by the current age old methods of division and enforced poverty.
    We know tyranny now and we will not allow it to go any further.

Discuss, share at will…. I`ve had enough, how about you?