Kunia RSOC Echelon Global Surveillance Station

Kunia RSOC Echelon Global Surveillance Station
So they can’t find a plane really!!! a little fact and he it is : United States Air Force’s 692d Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance Group is an intelligence unit located at Hickam AFB, Hawaii, performing operations as part of the Kunia Regional Security Operations Center (KRSOC). United States Air Force Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance Agency

70th Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance Wing
102d Intelligence Wing
181st Intelligence Wing
184th Intelligence Wing
480th Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance Wing

Air Force Technical Applications Center
National Air and Space Intelligence Center

361 ISRG
373 ISRG
480 ISRG
497 ISRG
543 ISRG
544 ISRG
548 ISRG
655 ISRG
659 ISRG
691 ISRG
692 ISRG
693 ISRG
694 ISRG
707 ISRG

Air & Cyberspace Analysis Group
Data Analysis Group
Global Threat Analysis Group
Space and Missiles Analysis Group

3 IS
6 IS
7 IS
8 IS
9 IS
10 IS
13 IS
14 IS
18 IS
19 IS
22 IS
24 IS
25 IS
27 IS
28 IS
29 IS
30 IS
31 IS
32 IS
35 IS
37 IS
41 IS
48 IS
50 IS
93 IS
94 IS
101 IS
117 IS
123 IS
126 IS
137 IS
139 IS
152 IS
161 IS
192 IS
201 IS
234 IS
301 IS
303 IS
324 IS
381 IS
450 IS
451 IS
485 IS
566 IS

Aircraft Analysis Squadron
Cyber Analysis Squadron
Electronic Analysis Squadron
Engineering Analysis Squadron
Integrated Air Defense Systems Analysis Squadron
Foreign Materiel Exploitation Squadron
Geospatial Intelligence and Measurements and Signatures Intelligence Analysis Squadron
Imagery Analysis Squadron
Information Exploitation Squadron
Signals Analysis Squadron
C4 Information Operations Analysis Squadron
Future Threats Analysis Squadron
Regional Threats Analysis Squadron
Ballistic Missiles Analysis Squadron
Counterspace Analysis Squadron
Space Analysis Squadron
Special Analysis Squadron
ON YES GUESS WHAT ELSE IS THERE UNDERGROUND :  http://cryptome.org/eyeball/kunia/kunia-rsoc.htm