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60 Tips For An Amazing Life

Please read and follow the 60 advises from Robin Sharma, which really can make this year the best in your life.  In the end, life passes like an instant. I mean so many people live the same year 60 times in a row. You can avoid the routine “disease” and begin to liveright now, just read and apply these tips. So easy !?Robin S.Sharma,LL.B ,L.L.M, Phd. ,is a writer and speaker on leadership,peak performance and life management.Sharma has written 11 books; including“The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari” and“The Greatness Guide“. His latest book is“The Leader Who Had No Title:A Modern Fable On Real Success in Business and in Life“.1. Exercise daily.2. Be serious about gratitude.3. Think of your work as art.4. Expect the best and prepare for the worst.5. Keep a journal.6. Read “Autobiography of Benjamin Franklin.”7. Plan for the week.8. Learn five key priorities in your life.9. Say “no” distraction.10. Drink more water.11. Improve your work every day.12. Find a spiritual director.13. Hire a coach.14. Get up at 5 am every day.15. Eat smaller meals.16. Find the characters for yourself.17. Become a hero to someone.18. Smile at strangers.19. Be the most ethical person from those you know.20. Do not settle for anything less than perfection.21. Savor life’s simple pleasures.22. Save 10% of your income each month.23. Spend time in art galleries.24. Walk in the woods.25. Write letters of thanks to those who helped you.26. Forget those who hurt you.27. Remember that leadership involves influence and impact, but not titles and awards.28. Create memorable moments with those you love.29. Make friends with 5 great people.30. Become stunningly polite.31. Turn off your TV.32. Sell ​​your TV.33. Read every day.34. Avoid the news.35. Be happy with what you have.36. Follow your dreams.37. Be real.38. Be passionate.39. Apologize when you know what to do.40. Never miss a moment to congratulate the other person.41. Have a vision for your life.42. Know your strengths.43. Focus your mind on the good instead of experiencing a lack of anything.44. Be patient.45. Do not give up.46. Place your order at home.47. Use the perfect word.48. Explore more.49. Read the “way of thinking that leads to success.”50. Check out your parents.51. Pay a generous tip.52. Be a strong team member.53. Do not waste energy on criticism.54. Spend time in the mountains.55. Discover five core values ​​in your life.56. Go to employment to achieve results.57. Do Innovation and repeat the success of others.58. Talk less, listen more.59. Be a better person from those you know.60. Make your life meaningful.As you can see, these tips cover absolutely every aspect of our lives, that’s why they are so useful, especially for those people who have just started thinking about the development.

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