Why on Earth Would We Let This Irresponsible Company Even Set Foot on U.S. Land, Let Alone Lay Shoddy Pipeline? The time has come for U.S. pipeline regulators to do their own due diligence into questions of TransCanada’s safety practices. Moreover, as the next administration considers TransCanada’s proposal to build Keystone XL, a 830,000 barrel […]

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*Study: The key to remembering your dreams might be the blood flow in your brain* By Meeri Kim,  FEBRUARY 22, How often, and how well, do you remember your dreams? Some people seem to be super-dreamers, able to recall effortlessly their dreams in vivid detail almost every day. Others struggle to remember even a vague […]

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David B. Fankhauser, Ph.D.
Professor of Biology and Chemistry
University of Cincinnati Clermont College
Batavia, Ohio 45103
posted 30 September 1999

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[Here are two links to good collection of references on genetically modified foods: one put together by Ron Epstein at UCSF and a German site from the year 2000. Note that this paper was written in 1999. There will be MANY more pertinent sources by this point, 2012.]
Also, Greenpeace has put together a list of foods which are categorized according to whether they are free of GM foods, or contain them. That link is at their searchable data base for foods free of genetically modified ingredients.]

Multinational bio-tech corporations are using the awesome tools of modern molecular genetics to produce life forms unique in the history of life on earth. Genes from different species, different orders, even different taxonomic kingdoms are being injected into our food crops to produce genetically modified (GM) plants which are transgenic (organisms having genes from different species). The goal of this genetic manipulation is to turn staple crops into species which may be poisonous to insects, resistant to plant killing chemicals, resistant to fungus, have altered chemical composition, etc.

At first blush, these goals appear laudable, in the same way that the introduction of non-native plants might have seemed like a good idea: kudzu promised farmers in the south increased forage and erosion control; dandelions were introduced for the value of their greens, starlings, and English sparrows were somehow thought to be attractive. These examples of introduced species are now pests in our environment, an outcome entirely unforeseen when they were introduced, even though they had evolved on Earth for millions of years. Transgenic plants are even more unpredictable and demand great caution in their uses. However, bio-tech corporations are rushing them into agricultural production hoping for huge profits, insisting that there are no risks associated with their wide-spread use.

For man to believe that he can predict the impact of all of these newly created life forms is folly. The ancient Greeks called this arrogance hubris. First potential risks associated with their release into the environment and their use in our foods should be thoroughly investigated. Two major questions of concern arise immediately: how safe are they to consume, and what will the impact be of their release into the environment?

70 million US acres are planted with these “creations, ” and the majority of the American food supply now contains transgenic products.

Already, 20% of US cotton, and 10% of our corn acreage are planted with GM seed. [These numbers may be low. The NYTimes reports that 44% of our croplands were planted in GM crops in 1998.] GM soybeans are widely planted, and the use of GM potatoes and GM oil seed rape are rapidly increasing. It is astonishing and disturbing that these major changes have taken place with the American public almost completely ignorant about their prevalence and the dangers they may pose. It has been estimated that 60% of the foods on American supermarket shelves contain some GM material.

Genetically engineered “Frankenfoods” have not been proven safe to eat.

In addition to the foreign proteins which result, cellular processes can be altered due to chromosomal effects at the point of injection leading to unforeseen changes in composition. Tests on these brand new GM crops have of necessity been short-term and limited, but have already shown that rats fed GM potatoes gain weight slowly and display altered digestive tracts. Even negative studies only show that the risk of a given effect is small. Claims of safety based on these limited tests is like saying that water which tests free of bacteria is safe to drink even though is may be laced with lead.

Our natural diet has undergone evolutionary “testing” over hundreds of thousands of years during which time a mutual adaptation of humans and food crops has taken place. Even still, a food safe for most of us, such as peanuts, can kill sensitive individuals. Some individuals in a large heterogeneous population of consumers may, because of their unique metabolism be injured by GE foods. Already, genes from brazil nuts carried in a non-nut food have triggered allergic reactions in unsuspecting sensitive individuals. These reactions may be difficult to predict or trace. The problem is compounded because the bio-tech corporations have successfully lobbied against the labeling of GE food, making it nearly impossible to link health effects to their consumption.

Genetically engineered plants may be the kudzu of tomorrow.

Risks of releasing these plants into the environment are also difficult to judge. A variety of means of injecting foreign genes into plants has been developed, including the use of virus vectors. These vectors may potentially act to carry these genes out of the crop and “jump” into the native population. Two current factors favor this phenomenon: large populations and strong selective pressure. Even now, millions of acres of GM plants are cultivated which are then sprayed with a broad spectrum herbicide. Even if one weed out of a million picks up the resistance gene, it will be the only weed left standing, and will pass the jumped gene on through its seeds. The creation of such “superweeds” has already been demonstrated, including a study in which GM herbicide-resistance genes jumped from transgenic sorghum to Johnson grass (already a serious pest to farmers). GM genes can also travel in pollen over great distances and cross pollinate natural populations. Once these genies are out of the bottle, there will be no putting them back.

Unforeseen deleterious effects will be common as these new life forms are released into the environment. Already GM corn, engineered to contain an insecticide, kills monarch butterfly caterpillars exposed to it pollen, and GM potatoes, engineered to produce toxins against aphids, have caused impaired reproduction in ladybugs who fed on the toxic aphids.

Monoculture threatens natural diversity, the prerequisite for evolution.

The current agricultural trend is to plant endless acres with a single genetic strain of crop. This makes our food supply susceptible to major crop failure due to new pests or diseases. Maintaining genetic diversity in our food crops is critical if they are to adjust to a changing environment. Such adjustments become ever more important as we cause monumental environmental changes such as global warming, ozone depletion, global deforestation, etc. The use of GM crops will accelerates this trend, reducing our Earth’s genetic diversity at a time when we should be protecting it.

The survival of the family farm will be further imperiled.

Reliance on genetically engineered seed removes critical decisions in the cycle of farming and food production from the family farmer and places them in agribusiness boardrooms. The cultivation of GM crops favors huge factory farms, further accelerating the demise of individual family farms.

In an ironic twist, government research into sterility engineering, which incorporates suicide genes into GM plants to retard the dispersal of foreign genes, has been eagerly embraced by agribusiness because it prevents the age-old practice of saving seed from the previous crop to be sewn for next year’s crop. This deepens the dependence of the family farmer on these corporations.

Government is protecting the profits of bio-tech giants, not the public interest.

Hasty use of genetically engineered crops is only the most recent example of technology running amuck. We assumed that science and technology had “perfect” understanding and control of new technologies such as nuclear power, thalidomide, X-ray diagnosis of pregnancy, CFC refrigerants, etc. In each of these cases, if appropriate caution had been used instead of rushing to put our newest technologies into wide-spread use, many tragedies could have been avoided. It is not yet too late to use caution in the use of GM plants.

However, the US government has shirked its regulatory role and is a complicit partner in promoting GM crops. For instance, Monsanto, the major corporation in the GM industry, was allowed to participate in the writing of self-promoting laws which would directly deregulate the corporation’s operations. The government has been an active apologist for the industry, promoting the planting of millions of acres of transgenic crops, and favoring the unlabeled addition of transgenic foods to the American diet. In return, compliant politicians have reaped huge contributions from these corporations.

People need to trust their food, and have right to know what they are eating.

The increasing popularity of organic foods reflects consumers’ distrust of corporate chemical food production. If, in spite of the hazards to the environment and our health, our government permits these GM foods to be placed on our supermarket shelves, then truth in labeling requires at the very least that they be clearly labeled so that individuals may make their own choices about the nature of the foods they consume. It is imperative that Congress require the full disclosure of foods which contain GM components so that the right to know and make informed choices is preserved.


How Covert Agents Infiltrate the Internet to Manipulate, Deceive, and Destroy Reputations – The Intercept

How Covert Agents Infiltrate the Internet to Manipulate, Deceive, and Destroy Reputations
By Glenn Greenwald24 Feb 2014, 6:25 PM EST 307
Featured photo – How Covert Agents Infiltrate the Internet to Manipulate, Deceive, and Destroy Reputations A page from a GCHQ top secret document prepared by its secretive JTRIG unit
One of the many pressing stories that remains to be told from the Snowden archive is how western intelligence agencies are attempting to manipulate and control online discourse with extreme tactics of deception and reputation-destruction. It’s time to tell a chunk of that story, complete with the relevant documents.

Over the last several weeks, I worked with NBC News to publish a series of articles about “dirty trick” tactics used by GCHQ’s previously secret unit, JTRIG (Joint Threat Research Intelligence Group). These were based on four classified GCHQ documents presented to the NSA and the other three partners in the English-speaking “Five Eyes” alliance. Today, we at the Intercept are publishing another new JTRIG document, in full, entitled “The Art of Deception: Training for Online Covert Operations.”

By publishing these stories one by one, our NBC reporting highlighted some of the key, discrete revelations: the monitoring of YouTube and Blogger, the targeting of Anonymous with the very same DDoS attacks they accuse “hacktivists” of using, the use of “honey traps” (luring people into compromising situations using sex) and destructive viruses. But, here, I want to focus and elaborate on the overarching point revealed by all of these documents: namely, that these agencies are attempting to control, infiltrate, manipulate, and warp online discourse, and in doing so, are compromising the integrity of the internet itself.

Among the core self-identified purposes of JTRIG are two tactics: (1) to inject all sorts of false material onto the internet in order to destroy the reputation of its targets; and (2) to use social sciences and other techniques to manipulate online discourse and activism to generate outcomes it considers desirable. To see how extremist these programs are, just consider the tactics they boast of using to achieve those ends: “false flag operations” (posting material to the internet and falsely attributing it to someone else), fake victim blog posts (pretending to be a victim of the individual whose reputation they want to destroy), and posting “negative information” on various forums. Here is one illustrative list of tactics from the latest GCHQ document we’re publishing today:

Other tactics aimed at individuals are listed here, under the revealing title “discredit a target”:

Then there are the tactics used to destroy companies the agency targets:

GCHQ describes the purpose of JTRIG in starkly clear terms: “using online techniques to make something happen in the real or cyber world,” including “information ops (influence or disruption).”

Critically, the “targets” for this deceit and reputation-destruction extend far beyond the customary roster of normal spycraft: hostile nations and their leaders, military agencies, and intelligence services. In fact, the discussion of many of these techniques occurs in the context of using them in lieu of “traditional law enforcement” against people suspected (but not charged or convicted) of ordinary crimes or, more broadly still, “hacktivism”, meaning those who use online protest activity for political ends.

The title page of one of these documents reflects the agency’s own awareness that it is “pushing the boundaries” by using “cyber offensive” techniques against people who have nothing to do with terrorism or national security threats, and indeed, centrally involves law enforcement agents who investigate ordinary crimes:

No matter your views on Anonymous, “hacktivists” or garden-variety criminals, it is not difficult to see how dangerous it is to have secret government agencies being able to target any individuals they want – who have never been charged with, let alone convicted of, any crimes – with these sorts of online, deception-based tactics of reputation destruction and disruption. There is a strong argument to make, as Jay Leiderman demonstrated in the Guardian in the context of the Paypal 14 hacktivist persecution, that the “denial of service” tactics used by hacktivists result in (at most) trivial damage (far less than the cyber-warfare tactics favored by the US and UK) and are far more akin to the type of political protest protected by the First Amendment.

The broader point is that, far beyond hacktivists, these surveillance agencies have vested themselves with the power to deliberately ruin people’s reputations and disrupt their online political activity even though they’ve been charged with no crimes, and even though their actions have no conceivable connection to terrorism or even national security threats. As Anonymous expert Gabriella Coleman of McGill University told me, “targeting Anonymous and hacktivists amounts to targeting citizens for expressing their political beliefs, resulting in the stifling of legitimate dissent.” Pointing to this study she published, Professor Coleman vehemently contested the assertion that “there is anything terrorist/violent in their actions.”

Government plans to monitor and influence internet communications, and covertly infiltrate online communities in order to sow dissension and disseminate false information, have long been the source of speculation. Harvard Law Professor Cass Sunstein, a close Obama adviser and the White House’s former head of the Office of Information and Regulatory Affairs, wrote a controversial paper in 2008 proposing that the US government employ teams of covert agents and pseudo-”independent” advocates to “cognitively infiltrate” online groups and websites, as well as other activist groups.

Sunstein also proposed sending covert agents into “chat rooms, online social networks, or even real-space groups” which spread what he views as false and damaging “conspiracy theories” about the government. Ironically, the very same Sunstein was recently named by Obama to serve as a member of the NSA review panel created by the White House, one that – while disputing key NSA claims – proceeded to propose many cosmetic reforms to the agency’s powers (most of which were ignored by the President who appointed them).

But these GCHQ documents are the first to prove that a major western government is using some of the most controversial techniques to disseminate deception online and harm the reputations of targets. Under the tactics they use, the state is deliberately spreading lies on the internet about whichever individuals it targets, including the use of what GCHQ itself calls “false flag operations” and emails to people’s families and friends. Who would possibly trust a government to exercise these powers at all, let alone do so in secret, with virtually no oversight, and outside of any cognizable legal framework?

Then there is the use of psychology and other social sciences to not only understand, but shape and control, how online activism and discourse unfolds. Today’s newly published document touts the work of GCHQ’s “Human Science Operations Cell,” devoted to “online human intelligence” and “strategic influence and disruption”:

Under the title “Online Covert Action”, the document details a variety of means to engage in “influence and info ops” as well as “disruption and computer net attack,” while dissecting how human beings can be manipulated using “leaders,” “trust,” “obedience” and “compliance”:

The documents lay out theories of how humans interact with one another, particularly online, and then attempt to identify ways to influence the outcomes – or “game” it:

We submitted numerous questions to GCHQ, including: (1) Does GCHQ in fact engage in “false flag operations” where material is posted to the Internet and falsely attributed to someone else?; (2) Does GCHQ engage in efforts to influence or manipulate political discourse online?; and (3) Does GCHQ’s mandate include targeting common criminals (such as boiler room operators), or only foreign threats?

As usual, they ignored those questions and opted instead to send their vague and nonresponsive boilerplate: “It is a longstanding policy that we do not comment on intelligence matters. Furthermore, all of GCHQ’s work is carried out in accordance with a strict legal and policy framework which ensures that our activities are authorised, necessary and proportionate, and that there is rigorous oversight, including from the Secretary of State, the Interception and Intelligence Services Commissioners and the Parliamentary Intelligence and Security Committee. All our operational processes rigorously support this position.”

These agencies’ refusal to “comment on intelligence matters” – meaning: talk at all about anything and everything they do – is precisely why whistleblowing is so urgent, the journalism that supports it so clearly in the public interest, and the increasingly unhinged attacks by these agencies so easy to understand. Claims that government agencies are infiltrating online communities and engaging in “false flag operations” to discredit targets are often dismissed as conspiracy theories, but these documents leave no doubt they are doing precisely that.

Whatever else is true, no government should be able to engage in these tactics: what justification is there for having government agencies target people – who have been charged with no crime – for reputation-destruction, infiltrate online political communities, and develop techniques for manipulating online discourse? But to allow those actions with no public knowledge or accountability is particularly unjustifiable.

Glenn Greenwald
Editor: Read more
Thingumbob (@Thingumbobesq) 25 Feb 2014 at 7:59 am
The biggest source of deception these days is Wall Street and the City of London. And it is precisely whence all these practices emanate. Truth be told there whole house of cards needs to be brought down and replaced. If you want to understand why the supposed mission of this latter day Panopticon itself is a total sham, follow the money. They claim to be fighting terrorism, yet the open secret of the Saudi royals funding of al Qaeda, et al. goes unchecked. How about the so called War on Drugs? HSBC (or the Hong Kong Shanghai Bank Corporation as in the Opium Wars) money laundering for the Mexican cartel goes unpunished.
Unless we end the tyranny of Wall Street’s license to loot by ending their control over mere puppets like the NSA and Obama things will only grow worse.

dilettante 25 Feb 2014 at 7:13 am
Here’s an example of this sort of thing in action at the BBC:


It’s a discussion on rape. In the background is a photo of Assange coupled with the word “contagious” and some Anonymous style Guy Fawkes iconography with the word “obey” underneath. The word contagious having a negative connotation; being associated with catching a disease. The other photo is of an American politician who had made a ridiculous comment about women having inbuilt mechanisms that prevented them from getting pregnant when raped, made in relation to the abortion debate. The photos of the two men do not look dissimilar. Here too are small photos of Assange in the corners of the display. The reflections of the eyes in the table can also be considered as an attempt to create an unnerving feeling in the viewer. Whatever you think of the effectiveness of this, its hard to accept it is just a coincidental set display. There is a significant body of scientific literature on the subject. That Assange is being investigated for rape makes it highly questionable from a legal standpoint.

Morning’s Minion 25 Feb 2014 at 7:02 am
From “Gambits for Deception” a tiny sampling of what diction has to say about these criminals:
This could come straight from Big Brother’s manual. It takes a special and terrifying audacity to fuck with reality. When we no longer know if anything is true, when some possess the ability to twist words, perceptions, outcomes, the truth, all in aid of destroying lives…that’s the beginning of the end (or as Big Brother would say: the end of the beginning).

This has to be stopped while there’s still time. The window for political action is closing faster than we imagine. Where is the will to confront this? What are the means? I don’t have answers, but it’s time we started asking some hard questions about how and why our tolerance for such outrageous breaches of justice became so high, and started to do something. It’s going to take huge numbers of people, an international effort, and a sustained campaign.

One look at that list and these charts suggests anything we can do to dismantle the NSA would be worth it.

gezzerx 25 Feb 2014 at 6:58 am
Remember it is only Paranoia if it,s not true, otherwise it’s REALITY !

Disclaimer: Be advised it is possible, that this communication is being monitored by the National Security Agency, GCHQ or other third party enties. I neither condone nor support any such policy, by any Government authority that does not comply, as stipulated by the 4th Amendment of the U.S. Constitution.

gezzerx 25 Feb 2014 at 6:52 am
Remember it’s only Paranoia if it’s not true, otherwise it’s REALITY !

Disclaimer: Be advised it is possible, that this communication is being monitored by the National Security Agency, GCHQ or other third party enties. I neither condone nor support any such policy, by any Government authority that does not comply, as stipulated by the 4th Amendment of the U.S. Constitution.

Smilly 25 Feb 2014 at 6:36 am
So how many posters are of Sock-puppets for GCHQ and NSA, any that says 1: Nothing new here. 2: Like this is news 3: Its the same thing as X/Y/Z is doing and so on. *waves at e-spooks*

Martin 25 Feb 2014 at 6:24 am
from the stasi handbook (german): http://www.ddr-wissen.de/wiki/ddr.pl?MfS-Richtlinie_1-76

TI 25 Feb 2014 at 6:22 am
“The Russian novelist Vassily Grossman wrote of the power of these acts in his masterpiece Life and Fate: I have seen that it is not man who is impotent in the struggle against evil, but the power of evil that is impotent in the struggle against man. The powerlessness of kindness, of senseless kindness, is the secret of its immortality. It can never be conquered. The more stupid, the more senseless, the more helpless it may seem, the vaster it is. Evil is impotent before it. The prophets, religious teachers, reformers, social and political leaders are impotent before it. This dumb, blind love is man’s meaning. Human history is not the battle of good struggling to overcome evil. it is a battle fought by a great evil struggling to crush a small kernel of human kindness. But if what is human in human beings has not been destroyed even now, then evil will never conquer.” – Excellent segment from Chris Hedges’ The End of Literacy and the Triumph of Spectacle

TI 25 Feb 2014 at 6:13 am
Is anyone taking any legal steps to protect themselves from these psychopaths? Where’s the class action suit? Where can survivors have their stories told? Is anything being done about this?!

I’d at the very least expect some type of lawsuit to represent those of us who were threatened and harassed and scarred by it all. Our government surely doesn’t care enough to investigate this – what should be a major scandal. The ACLU doesn’t reply to gaslighting/gangstalking requests. What can be done?

Dean Kisling 25 Feb 2014 at 5:53 am
These are the same tricks and strategies used by human beings for quite a long time, now being applied with modern technology. We should note there is nothing new about this. These strategies are part of biological life on earth. There more “primitive” versions can be readily observed in other species. Viruses, for instance, gain entrance to living cells by “pretending” to be something that will be of benefit to the cells.

Camouflage, mimicry, entrapment and other forms of deception and cognitive manipulation are millions of years old. They can be observed at every level of human interaction. Everyone reading this employs them at least occasionally (as do I) – sometimes knowingly, sometimes unconsciously. It is not new that governing entities employ them… we all employ them and we always have.

Can anyone realistically expect government entities to behave differently than the individual entities that compose them? How do you think those psy-ops folks learned these skills, except by observing ordinary human behavior?

Wiltmellow 25 Feb 2014 at 6:22 am
Can anyone realistically expect government entities to behave differently than the individual entities that compose them?


Public servants — those who are paid by taxpayers — have a duty to work in the best interests of their employers.

This necessity can be romanticized with references to Constitution and early writings etc., but the fact remains that humans can and do act responsibly.

When State agents act irresponsibly, they should be censured and (at least) prevented from occupying any office of responsibility. (We call this “accountability.) If this is an actual program rather than a set of rejected proposals taken out of context, the people approving it should be treated like criminals. Prosecuted and imprisoned.

This sort of boys will be boys “understanding”, if applied to heinous crimes, would legitimize all sorts of evil.

State agents have a duty to remain more chaste than Caesar’s wife. Without responsibility — when selfishness pervades and determines State behavior — the State has no more purpose and should be dissolved.

pieceofcake 25 Feb 2014 at 6:30 am
“Public servants — those who are paid by taxpayers — have a duty to work in the best interests of their employers.”

Absolutely – we need “better” spies!

helmut 25 Feb 2014 at 6:59 am
What you seem to be missing is that the organization outlined in this article is 1) new (it was only fully operational last year), 2) acting on an industrial scale never seen before, 3) as the article makes clear, they are not stopping at terrorists but are obviously focused on domestic political dissent. This is part of the wider political discourse in the UK, where police spies, government spies, and private sector spies are involved in the rapidly burgeoning business of infiltrating every activist group in the country, no matter how benign it might seem. In other words, the situation we have now is new in both its scale and in the way it has clearly got out of control–in a Honecker’s Germany level of self-defeating suspicion and power mania. Also, this means that an awful lot of people in our society are being deliberately trained to operate as de facto psychopaths within our societies, which can only lead to spiraling anti-social effects on society at large and hence increasing destabilization. That is, the government is acting like a giant parasite on the very social body it is meant to be serving. If you feel complacent about that, then I suggest you yourself have become victimized and jaded by it, which cause you great concern.

Wiltmellow 25 Feb 2014 at 5:48 am
Viktor Yanukovych is probably thinking to himself: “Damn you Putin. If you want to be truly evil, you should take instruction from the Americans.”

Calm 25 Feb 2014 at 5:48 am
Just think what these folks were doing inside mainstream media outlets prior to the internet?


Calm 25 Feb 2014 at 5:45 am
I can only imagine what these outfits were doing within major media outlets such as the Washington Post and the New York times prior to the internet.


Nicholas Coates 25 Feb 2014 at 5:45 am
So, every election that I have been in, has been a False Flag Op?

Ronald Thomas West 25 Feb 2014 at 5:44 am
This from the Daily Telegraph (17 March 2011 )

” The $2.7 million (£1.7 million) programme developed by San Diego firm Ntrepid allows one military user to create multiple personas on the internet and engage in extended online conversations and communications with suspects.

“According to military procurement documents seen by the Washington Times, the software will “enable an operator to exercise a number of different online persons from the same workstation and without fear of being discovered by sophisticated adversaries”.

“Personas must be able to appear to originate in nearly any part of the world,” the documents stated”

And the Huffington Post precisely one year previous (17 March 2010)

“The document shows that U.S. [FBI] agents are logging on surreptitiously to exchange messages with suspects, identify a target’s friends or relatives and browse private information such as postings, personal photographs and video clips.”

All ripe for abuse but then it gets surreal:

According to a Washington Post investigative report in 2011:

“some 1,271 government organizations and 1,931 private companies work on programs related to counterterrorism, homeland security and intelligence in about 10,000 locations across the United States. An estimated 854,000 people, nearly 1.5 times as many people as live in Washington, D.C., hold top-secret security clearances”

Combined with a bloomberg.com article:

“Thousands of technology, finance and manufacturing companies are working closely with U.S. national security agencies, providing sensitive information and in return receiving benefits that include access to classified intelligence, four people familiar with the process said. These programs, whose participants are known as trusted partners, extend far beyond what was revealed by Edward Snowden, a computer technician who did work for the National Security Agency”

This points to the utter corruption of American intelligence, where a corrupt Pentagon, that has thrown the rule of law under the bus, and associated corrupt corporate personalities (e.g. Christian extremists Condoleezza Rice and former NATO Supreme Commander & Obama National Security Adviser General James Jones, in association with CHEVRON) can access top secret material via the Pentagon’s NSA (National Security Agency) for essentially any purpose they please

Bob 25 Feb 2014 at 5:36 am
Found the following posted at a blog site:

Forecasts, concepts, ideas and information [even the format and technical terms used by the moderators] posted on FIRE-EARTH have been/are being hijacked/plagiarized, twisted and misrepresented by various Internet sites, including

Google-affiliated commercial and advertising blogs,
Special interest sites like the “Cabal News Network,” “‘Greek’ post,’” various “tabloids,”
NSA-sponsored blogs and disinformation networks, such as the “end-world prophecy,” “extinction,” “die-off protocol,” “poleshift,” “‘shame’ progress,” “2012 and beyond,” “Planet X, Nibiru,” and numerous other spin sites.

For a list of the perpetrators, google the Internet using search terms associated with disaster topics and you’ll find the worst of those spin-doctors displayed prominently (top 40, or higher), often repeatedly, in the search results.

Morning’s Minion 25 Feb 2014 at 6:38 am
Very interesting post; of course the real issue is that we now have to assume any publication, not just the ones listed, have/will have this capability.

There’s some kind of epic sweep in the human story here. In the so-called Dark Ages, most were deliberately kept illiterate so that the Church could control access to knowledge and hence accrue power. Now we all have access to material that may or may not be true. Once again, knowledge can and will be manipulated by a handful of those in power.

It’s difficult to exaggerate the challenges of the coming age. The technological revolution may in fact have simple shot us back into another one. We can tweet all day long, but what does it mean if it’s all spin?

Wiltmellow 25 Feb 2014 at 7:22 am
The technological revolution may in fact have simple shot us back into another one. We can tweet all day long, but what does it mean if it’s all spin?

Slaves, serfs, coolies, peasants, workers, proles and temps don’t need no education.

They’ll get the idea they’re just as deserving as anyone.

And if they don’t have jobs, they don’t even count as consumers.

Jeannie Martineau 25 Feb 2014 at 5:28 am

Doughboy 25 Feb 2014 at 5:17 am
If we accept that the security establishment is willing to go this far might we also be willing to believe that Edward Snowden was sent out in the world with a bunch of false documents to deceive the public into the nature and names of the programs they are engaged in? Of course he was “vetted” by the Guardian but what did that entail? Surely he could have faked an identity, and an online life? I’m probably wrong, but a question–why do you believe Snowden?

pieceofcake 25 Feb 2014 at 5:34 am
“Edward Snowden was sent out in the world with a bunch of false documents to deceive the public into the nature and names of the programs they are engaged in?”

Oh absolutely – Snowden is a mole of a group of very old German Nazis – who held out in a bunker in Meck-Pomm – and finally their evil plan to destroy the good name of the United States of America has come to fruitition -(is there a word like: “fruitition”?)

Wiltmellow 25 Feb 2014 at 6:08 am
Snowden may have a hidden agenda.

It is within the realm of possibility that he is being sponsored by a spy agency (US, Russia, Koch, Google, etc.)

Quashing dissent and building conformity begins with eliminating possibilities.

kamui 25 Feb 2014 at 5:40 am
Ah yes. Your post is straight from GCHQ beginners handbook “How to destroy reputation”. 🙂

JillK 25 Feb 2014 at 5:07 am
Anyone else feel like they’re now living in North Korea?? And I thought Kim Jong Un and his ilk were a bunch of nutcases…..

aaron 25 Feb 2014 at 5:06 am
A truly frightening commentary about the breach of public trust by our intelligence agencies.

john stevenson 25 Feb 2014 at 4:45 am
Who are the clients who determine the targets? There must be close coordination, Congressional hearings are needed as too much is at stake.

pieceofcake 25 Feb 2014 at 5:28 am
Is that you John? –
and still pretending to be some kind of Skandinavian?

I always that you guys are the worst “schemers” – with all this smorgasbrod -(is it spelled right?) trying to take over the world breakfast tables…

shoda 25 Feb 2014 at 5:38 am
Speaking from personal experience I can say that big corporations get a say in who should be targeted.

pieceofcake 25 Feb 2014 at 4:41 am
AND actually the average TV and Movie Spy-Production has so much more meat -(and much more clever strategies) – compared to what these so called pros came up with.

Just thinking about “Homeland”?
-(now if one of their writers would start working for te Q-whatever – I would kind of get worried)

pieceofcake 25 Feb 2014 at 4:22 am
AND about “picking ones favorite conspiracy” – this century has the big advantage that nearly all of them out in the open -(thanks to dudes like Glenn) – and I happen to measure the quality of a “good and decent” conspiracy just by the result. So if the GCHQ’s or JTRIG or Donald Trump or Ron Paul are scheming perhaps it’s wise to first look at the outcome – as we know – for example if the Donald is accusing somebody “not to be born in the USA” – it becomes a big laughing matter.

Or when the Paul Dude spills his Nonsense – a good Democrat will be elected.

So perhaps the GCHQ’s -(in this case – as in the case of smashing a computer to destroy data) – might be just like a sequel to the Pink Panther movies…?

Achille 25 Feb 2014 at 4:16 am
Thanks Glenn for your work, i’m an Italian who is experiencing, since more than ten years, the ‘treatment’ you are exposing here.

pieceofcake 25 Feb 2014 at 5:06 am
“i’m an Italian who is experiencing, since more than ten years, the ‘treatment’ you are exposing here.”

Me too – and as I spent a lot of time in Italy – the Reputation-destruction of German-Americans who struggle with the Italian language is unbearable!.
There is without ANY doubt a conspiracy of the whole of Italy against ME.

LiberalinCalif 25 Feb 2014 at 4:11 am
I think there should be more attention given to the effect of the NSA’s activities have on free speech and freedom of the press. As the Buffalo Springfield song goes “Paranoia strikes deep, into your heart it will creep”. It makes everyone a little paranoid that someone is watching them and puts a chill on free expression. It may not be an obvious effect, as in precluding any expression of opinions or ideas, but it can have a subtle unconscious effect that may not even be perceived by the individual. It is though, a vastly corrosive malignant seed that grows as a subterranean virus affecting people much more than we might understand at first glance. I encourage those with the platform available to them to dissect this emerging dangerous element pervading our democracy to encourage people to recognize its danger and how best it can be neutralized.

FluffytheObeseCat 25 Feb 2014 at 4:05 am
Those are the fugliest PowerPoint slide known to man. Truly.

Someday there will be a 2-dimensional coup, and the prolate ellipsoid of Hofstede Dimensions will be overcome by a beveled bloc of Behaviour & Influence, and will sink inexorably into a dark blue cloud of Morality & Ethics. Until that happens however, there will continue to be extra helpings of crazy on the Intertubez…..

What a blazing boondoggle.

pieceofcake 25 Feb 2014 at 3:57 am
I don’t know? – Are most of these “Psychologists” still operating with 20th century material?

Most of this stuff is soo behind the curve – like unimaginative, outdated Karl Rove tricks – even some equal oldfashioned – but much more sophisticated comedy show -(like the Colbert Report) couldn’t use anymore.

The best way – for example – to kill Glenn Greenwalds reputation would be – to exagerate the Love Fest which is going on here!

Or posting even more of the same old, same old: You couldn’t be more “right” Glenn.

In times where even Mona knows – that one needs “better trolls” – most of the silly stunts wouldn’t help at all – and the Intercept sooner or later will have to hire some real sophisticated contrarians to keep the ball rolling.

mechanicalhemiola 25 Feb 2014 at 3:49 am
The title makes it sound like the author doesn’t understand technology, cause for lols. I would say ‘Employ’ or just plain ‘Use the internet’ instead of ‘infiltrate.’ But for all those claiming that this is conspiracy theory nonsense, one does not require the obvious instructions put forth by those pedestrian PowerPoint presentations to recognize the prevalence of and opportunities to engage in such shenanigans on the net, even outside of political intent.

Stephen Brock 25 Feb 2014 at 3:42 am
I try to post twice on here of my cell.
It didnt go thrue twice and I typed for an hour. Freaking spy wear.

Ray 25 Feb 2014 at 3:28 am
Can we all call them by their proper name: Government Troll.

Curious 25 Feb 2014 at 5:08 am
Only if you are childish.

Vendetta 25 Feb 2014 at 3:20 am
Trust is gone! There is NO way to dial this back…who is going to spy on the spies to know if they are still spying or not? There is no way to go back except to unplug it ALL … 1970.

Soon we’ll probably have one huge hologram UN government with drones on every block watching everything. Technology is a double edge sword and it’s turning on the people in very sick ways.

jason 25 Feb 2014 at 3:12 am
Wow, total fubar. I’m sure the nsa is doing the same thing, the 5 eyes are out of control. It hurts me to know our governments are so screwed up and completely ignore our basic civil liberties. I guess the american revolution has been completely reversed. Taxation without representation, illegal search and seizure, and a sense of authoritarian rule that isn’t to be questioned.

Em 25 Feb 2014 at 3:04 am
A reflection on these many leaks I have, is not just how deep the rabbit hole of surveillance, manipulation and control goes, but also how fanatically and totalitarian the system of control they work within is. This is not “just” a few bad apples in intelligence pushing the boundaries of the rules of their workplace. This is the frontend to a system of control that is so extremist in their own belief that it will do whatever it takes to uphold their own power. It holds no room nor options for change, neither democratically or from the entities within the power structure of the system, and with the many massive problems facing out species, we now have a totalitarian system of control with unlimited resources that will kill, maim and stifle any initiatives towards any sort of change that does not contain their system of control at its core, which again is the main cause of the problems we face.

LiberalinCalif 25 Feb 2014 at 2:43 am
I blame the NSA for encouraging the mentally unbalanced conspiracy theorists, paranoid schizophrenics (some of which are drawn to this site like flies) by engaging in this type of activity. As they say “It isn’t paranoia if they really are out to get you”.

shoda 25 Feb 2014 at 2:53 am
How’s the weather in Fort Meade, Maryland.

Mister 25 Feb 2014 at 3:07 am
Yes fully agree, Bot alert ! Easy to spot. Here comes the damage control, and further attempts to manipulate the minds and perception of the masses. We are all conspiracy theorists these guys at the Intercept must have forged this so called evidence. Its not really an empire of dirt !

Perhaps I wasn’t clear in my point. It is a fact that a small minority of people do suffer from paranoid delusions and paranoid schizophrenia, not all posters here by any means. My point is that the NSA has made the situation much worse for these people because the NSA has confirmed their worst fears. I quite realize what the issues are here and understand the civil liberties abuses of the NSA. Sorry if I wasn’t clear.

Perhaps a few Jews in the 1930′s, suffered paranoid delusions and decided to leave Germany for fear of what was to come.

RonPaulWins 25 Feb 2014 at 3:21 am
Climate controlled environments in the subterranean “work” spaces of NSA.

I would have figured being a ‘LiberalinCalif’ornia would mean he/she is smart enough to blame NSA & GCHQ for the illegal conspiracy crimes they’re committing, as reported in this new story, instead of blaming imaginary “conspiracy theorists” and “paranoid schizophrenics” allegedly commenting to this story. Seems ‘LiberalinCalif’ornia is the real paranoid schizophrenic who imagines “conspiracy theorist” stuff.

LiberalinCalif 25 Feb 2014 at 3:36 am
lol thanks for proving my point. That would suggest you include yourself as a mentally unbalanced conspiracy theorist or a paranoid schizophrenic. You should try to read more carefully.

LiberalinCalif 25 Feb 2014 at 3:54 am
Here’s a poster further down making the same exact point as I was:
“Craig 24 Feb 2014 at 8:28 pm

I know I am paranoid, I do see conspiracies everywhere, but that does not mean I am wrong, (or right and I know that) and whats worse, when you read an article like this, it re-enforces every paranoid thought you ever had. It would be easy to write off most of my paranoid thoughts as delusional, but then you find out that your Government is engaging in exactly the type of behavior your paranoid about, it makes it harder to keep your paranoid thoughts in check, cause now they have been validated. Its articles like this that take take the theory out of “conspiracy theory” and leave you with just the conspiracy part. The documents show there is a conspiracy, on a global scale, to manipulate the masses. Again its no longer a conspiracy theory, now an actual conspiracy.”

Hey! Don’t worry – I’mean there is no question that there are “conspiracies everywhere” –
(and just this morning I conspired with one of my best friends to overthrow the Russian government) –

So the question remains – how successful are all these -(often “dueling”) conspiracies?
Let’s say everybody here is “conspiring” to overthrow the US government?!

How big are the chances that Mona is going to enter teh Capitol with the Intercept flag in her hand and imposing a rule of 24/7 cherishing Glenn Greenwald?

John G. 25 Feb 2014 at 2:26 am
You know Glenn, I used to think that conspiracy theorists were nut jobs. Unplugged from the matrix? Yeah, this is how it feels…

Autar 25 Feb 2014 at 2:16 am
Probably the scariest revelations so far.

BenjaminAP 25 Feb 2014 at 2:10 am
Sunstein Bot

NBC’s The Good Wife was awfully timely last night. Glenn, are you a paid Comcast CIA limited whale tale foreign operative?

overthrow-r1b 25 Feb 2014 at 2:08 am
A few comments here ask for examples and names.
I estimate the effect of their illegal use of this stolen technology against me to be over 20 billion dollars currently.

What this does is allows them to control the entire top tier of the economy (there are different people in place who otherwise wouldn’t be there), As well as just plain stealing money from people.

The vast majority don’t even know when this technology is being used against them and the effect it has on their lives.

I’m still trapped here. They wont let me leave the country. Every time I try to leave they arrest me on openly false charges or steal all my money. They’ve repeatedly tortured me, They’ve murdered some of my friends and family members. I would appreciate some assistance, I don’t want to be here.

Doug Salzmann 25 Feb 2014 at 1:58 am
Hmmm. . . I just searched Google News for “gchq” – ordered by date/time and limited to the past week. The only references to this story – or anything like it – were RT coverage from two hours ago and Infoshop News one hour old.

I guess the big New York, London and Washington media are still planning their saturation coverage. Or Clapper’s gremlins are. . . ;^)

What do others find?

Stephen william Brock 25 Feb 2014 at 1:52 am
Can u guys report on how governor brown of cal. Is in on medical marijuana with the mafia (unorganized crime) and how the genaration that gonna get the biz grandfatherdown to theme had been in a cult c.o.g. and been child prostitutes due to flirty fishing. And there for r nonetheless they been raced dangerous.
Could u guys also check who and how import cocaine over the pacific into oakland and or the north coast of cali. (Pat andrews of honeydew ca. Boris and sahra miativich from santa cruz county. And eliza giacomas freind crystal who she knows from c.o.g. crystal is married to an ford employee in indonasia.
Could u guys c if coca colq in the bay area is a collecting point for blood mamba nuggets and is bnsf train used for east of mississippi transporting of that blood mamba marijuana.
Could u guys also c how rob arkley of santa rosa in sonoma county has designed the hippay trap economics that r destroying the emerald triangle.
Can u guys c if humboldy county was chossen by gov and crime to be a pot exporter and a social hippie desmantler.
Can u guys also c if that part of the states might been choosen for its interlectual simplicity and logistic isolation to control such an area the eazy way. And was that reenforced with meathamphetamine.
Can you guys also check why there r surten immigration groups in the triangle whos country of orgin is close to israel.
R those immigrants used to bring future social and economical instability to their country of orgin. ( like cia style with turbo nitros).
Could u guys check on that before marijuana becomes legal in ca. As a cooperation crop cause if u guys could help some beatnecks out we could ecologically economically and socially save california.
I have a lot of faith in you guys in concidaration that you guys didnt puplish for 48 72 hrs after I have left my first post.
Ps u guys r beyond words. U guys choose to be future targeted induviduel to make thise world a better place. Im a ti and will continue spreadimg the word about y’all beyond words fellas.

thelastnamechosen 25 Feb 2014 at 1:52 am
After reading that powerpoint presentation all I can think is that we don’t have nearly enough psychopaths in the intelligence community, and I am reminded of…

Handed down from the Mystics and Magi.
Hidden knowledge kept alive for centuries by Secret Societies.
Confirmed by Modern Market Research and Advertising.

Made available to you for only three days at the Airport Marriott (Turn left on Airport Street. If you’ve passed the quarry you’ve gone too far.)

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Techniques covered in this seminar include:

– Belittle your way to oral sex
– “No means Know”
– The Stare Down
– Confuse, Contradict, Copulate
– Pretending to be Retarded and/or Blind

Learn the three words women are longing to hear. (It’s not what you think!)
Learn how to turn menstruation into YOUR advantage.
Learn why insisting that she sign a model release actually increases your odds.

“When everything else has failed, Pete Manhendler’s Power of Sexual Persuasion is for you.”
Larry S.

“The Power of Sexual Persuasion teaches us not to see women as our enemy, but as everyone’s enemy.”
David B.

“I think I passed the quarry. I should probably turn around, but I’ll give it another mile or two.”
Carl M.
Way past the quarry

pieceofcake 25 Feb 2014 at 5:59 am
It’s not polite to upstage your host!

Tsil Dip 25 Feb 2014 at 1:52 am
Thank you Glenn Greenwald!!

911 was an inside job. We will get there.

Duncan Black 25 Feb 2014 at 1:33 am
Clearly, government can no longer be trusted. The question is, what are we going to do to correct the situation. I have confidence that there are leaders among us that will find an answer – and execute it.

Wondering 25 Feb 2014 at 1:32 am
I figured this was going on in Second LIfe, at just those Sims where you would expect people to be talking about ideas and potentially novel ideas that might challenge the status quo. I could tell from the behaviour of a few avatars. There is something about anonymity that helps you just see through someone’s behaviour more easily than where you can see the person and to that extent know who they are.

But the important point is: why aren’t there more people weighting in here in the comments section? This is huge.

Shoda 25 Feb 2014 at 1:23 am
Thank you GG! Ever since you first unveiled the Snowden documents I have been desperately hoping and waiting for this exact story to come out. My targeting came in 2009 in retaliation for blowing the whistle on a multi billion dollar gaming company. Since then I’ve become very wise to all the tactics they use, and while this story alone should be enough to shut down these corrupt and abusive pieces of garbage, they are doing far worse to their targets than just cyber stalking/reputation assassination. I hope you release the rest of this story; the physical field work side of what they do to their victims and all the covert technology they use to torture and sleep deprive us inside our own homes.

No doubt one of my stalkers will be here shortly to attack the credibility of my post. Claiming I need a “tinfoil hat”, of course 🙂

Nimueh 25 Feb 2014 at 2:34 am
Thank you, Glenn. And I appreciate Shoda’s comment and experience.
I have been being targeted for nearly eight years — interference with all things electronic, but so much more — vandalism, harassment, stalking. and they let me know so as to scare me. Nothing in my life is free from their interference, and countless means have been done to me and then “shown” to me that it is from “them” — the type of group known as “organized stalking” — as a “signature.” Over 1500 Police reports, and over $30,000 just to hold my life together, all of which had to be borrowed or taken from my scarce budget. Jobs, friendships, church and yoga-type groups — all my relationships have been interfered with, my credibility destroyed (or attempted to be), etc., my animals harmed or killed — even though they have now been indoors for over 6 years. Top security locks on my cheap rental, still needing replacement repeatedly.
I am not a whistleblower per se, but at a Church of Religious Science that I have long since left, I prevented a man known to have “tons of p- – – – graphy” from having access to a childcare setting which was going to have just one little, 8-year-old girl there, while her mother was in a weeknight class. After that, all this started.
I have called & written many govt. offices asking for help — thus far, none forthcoming.
I never know what will happen, wherever I go, every day.
Help is requested, if anyone reading this can advise me.
Glenn, keep going, please! I have read that this treatment by organized stalking groups affects an estimated 350,000 Americans.

Mister 25 Feb 2014 at 3:50 am
No don’t worry they wont get round to you for a while as they are far too busy at present taking care of some of the bankers that know too much, following the revelations by Madoffs lawyers. Is it 6 or 7 banking suicides in the last two weeks ? Just read online what Wall Street on parade has to say about this. The banks of crime never seem to do time – they just get deferred prosecutions and deals that mean nobody goes to jail. Probably just another conspiracy theory though.

David Moore 25 Feb 2014 at 1:09 am
This all started way before 9/11. I published a website in the 90s, “www.deepinthestacks.com,” about the creepy people associated with the Library of Congress, including the Russian Mafia. My article on the underhanded acquisition of the Waldseemuller Map was translated and run in German newspapers, then debated in German Parliament. The articles on the Russian Mafia were also translated and run in Russian newspapers. In fact, Putin stated, when jailing Kordorkovsky, he was sending the ex-CIA Librarian of Congress a message. The website was hacked–but still available on the waybackmachine–and my computer destroyed with an electronic bullet. I was a Library of Congress employee at the time, but they could nothing to me at the time as my actions were not illegal; they are certainly now. By the way, just like Manning was sold out by Wired, BoingBoing published my name, address and phone number just prior to me being hacked. Odd, no?

ting ling tong 25 Feb 2014 at 12:55 am
Poor Obama, normally you would think he is responsible, except that now we are not sure if he really should get the stick.

D.B. LeConte-Spink 25 Feb 2014 at 12:50 am
Frontline activists making use of online community action and online tools have been raising warning flags about exactly this kind of black-art propaganda for years, and we’ve long known it was happening. Kudos to everyone involved in shining a bright spotlight on things, with specific documents and irrefutable proof. Otherwise, those of us who highlighted these activities were, inevitably, branded as paranoid kooks… the perfect black propaganda smear to cover up for the entire process of black propaganda smears.

What’s fascinating, to me, is to line up these leaked documents with my taxonomy of “extra-legal persecution” as published in 2600 Magazine, Summer 2012:


Item by item, they line up. Chilling.

Alan Shute 25 Feb 2014 at 12:45 am
Man! I can’t believe this! These GCHQ people are fucking crazy! What the hell are we going to do about this crap. I am really fucking angry, I’m not sure how to channel that energy into something constructive. I can think of dozens of fucked up things to do. But how do I channel this? Please HELP ME Glen Greenwald. I’ve got all the time in the world. Put me to work for you, or something. I can’t stand sitting around here being so PISSED OFF! Help. Please. 🙂

Max21c 25 Feb 2014 at 12:39 am
The Pentagon, FBI, CIA et cetra have always done this type of criminal stuff. They have their political enemies that they go after for no good reason. They just like or want refusenik types or dissidents in the America.

Mister 25 Feb 2014 at 12:29 am
Glenn and the other journalists at The Intercept have defeated the bots and the ghost writers, and their absence, from the comments section, should be noted. They are no longer here, because they can no longer dispute the truth which is contained in the documentary evidence presented. No longer can they cry out”these are just crackpot conspiracy theories” It is impossible for them to discredit this story, and very difficult for them to ,attempt to manage the impact or to limit the damage. It would be good to see them come here to try and deny the validity of what’s here. It would be fascinating to see how they attempt to manage peoples perception of the Government now following this latest shocking, and chilling exposure. In attempting to manage, and destroy relationships and perceptions of the masses they have destroyed their own reputations, and everyone can now see them for what they are.

Robert Rice 25 Feb 2014 at 12:50 am
That was an absolutely brilliant statement i have little more to add, other than to point out the possibility for humor and ridicule, not on their part towards us, or even on our part, towards them, but by their own ridiculous and absurd hand, and that’s pretty damn freaking funny if you ask me – a reverse psy-op embedded in their own lame attempt to keep the lies and the propaganda rolling for their God damned and God forsaken “hundred year war”. Caught, red handed, by their own hand.

Thanks Glenn Greenwald and if there’s a God, even one who came in the form of a man to set things straight, this kind of thing would be right up his ally.

A reverse-sting, double-bind, Chinese handcuffed, double reverse psy-op, right here in the comment section of this very site on the internet – oh the irony, i’m so glad to see that i’m not the only one to recognize it, may this post work (my last one didn’t).

Robert 25 Feb 2014 at 12:28 am
This is happening to me right now on national TV. Every where I go they are using these types of tactics to attack me. They don’t have any evidence that they could use in a court of law. There real intent cruel and unusual punishment to increase public perception of wealth an power.?

JimB82 25 Feb 2014 at 12:26 am
Logically, if the spy agencies are so powerful, wouldn’t one assume that this page is monitored? Indeed, how do we know that it hasn’t been penetrated in the manner described above? How do we know that some of us posting aren’t actually agents provocateurs trying to direct the conversation in a desired direction? How do we know that the slides posted aren’t the false flag ones that they want us to see, while if the true slides had been posted, this page would have been subject to a DNS attack? Just asking.

mike 25 Feb 2014 at 12:26 am
I would suggest that any security agencies’ motivation for conducting these false flag operations against feeble or unnecessary targets is simply for practice in preparation for more malignant targets.

Neal Rauhauser 25 Feb 2014 at 12:19 am
This is a very good article. Just a bit less than three years ago I wrote a white paper on HBGary’s Team Themis which got circulated around Capitol Hill. I gave a copy of this paper to Barrett Brown, it made it into the public eye from there, and I’ve had endless grief ever since.

You end up on the receiving end of these tactics, it will ruin every personal and professional relationship you have. People who haven’t been subjected to it themselves will instantly flee and fellow activists tend to oscillate between trust and paranoia. Anyone with the temperament to stand up to this sort of thing will get fitted with a snitch jacket as the last resort – those who can avoid trouble *must* be receiving some sort of covert assistance. Try to explain coping strategies to your peers and you’ll get labeled a paranoid.

If you believe you are facing such moves the most important coping strategy is to slow down 20% and make yourself a timeline of key events. You will find this to be a revelation – your memory of cause/effect is your biggest weakness. Keeping some sort of card file or notebook that reminds you of who connects to whom is the next most important strategy. Things get murky after that, there are a lot of paths to sharpening your ability to separate reality from spin.

The solution to this really has to be legislation, because maybe one in a hundred can adapt to such tactics and continue to be effective. Aaron Swartz killed himself, Barrett flipped out completely, and I’ve watched a number of other less well known people hit the skids because they lost the ability to discern between fiction and reality. I went through a big bout of that myself in late 2012, it’s not a fun way to live.

Snowden’s leaks are providing validation for those who have been targeted, they’re providing us a roadmap of what should not be allowed. But I doubt the U.S. Congress or the British Parliament have the stones needed to actually clean it up. This sort of thing is so endemic that it’s influencing elections and no politician wants to risk a confrontation.

John 25 Feb 2014 at 12:15 am
the inmates (NSA types) are running the asylum… what’s left.. revolution? I’d recommend guerrilla tactics aimed at critical corporate infrastructure and top executives in the private sector. That would scare the hell out of the politicians, and they’ll come around.

overthrow-r1b 25 Feb 2014 at 12:08 am
We’re dealing with uncovering another holocaust here, about 100 times bigger.
These people know how to give people cancer, how to cause car accidents, drug overdoses, how to make people gay, diseases, jail, psychosis etc and they’ve been using it for awhile.

jackf 25 Feb 2014 at 12:47 am
That is some extreme conspiracy stuff you’ve got going on there! Sorry if you are actually that paranoid, but my instinct is that you are intentionally exaggerating to make Greenwald readers seem crazy.

overthrow-r1b 25 Feb 2014 at 1:13 am
The prisons and mental institutions in the west are filled with like 90% non-r1b related primary chromosomes and the workers are 90% r1b related.

-These are the exact same people that completely exterminated the entire western hemisphere and now pretend all the indians had r and q ydna when they got here.
-These are the exact same people that were the democratic majority in nazi germany.
-These are the exact same people that tortured and enslaved africans and backwards bread them for 500 years.
-These are the exact same people that exterminated the entire continent of Australia and left the aborigines with 60% western european ydna.
They took over 5 continents with genocide in the last few hundred years.


Just Deserts 25 Feb 2014 at 1:21 am
To be fair, the C.I.A. did “make” Mohammad Mosaddegh gay back in 1953 and it was Hugo Chávez that sought to give credence to the cancer conspiracy…

robert wilson 25 Feb 2014 at 2:47 am
Right on!

Malleus Maleficarum 25 Feb 2014 at 12:04 am
Many of you have asked for specific examples of people who have been targeted using the tactics mentioned in the article. Others have noticed the similarities between this allegedly “limited to the Internet” program, and the FBI’s COINTELPRO or the Stasi’s “Zersetzung” program of “decomposition.” Some have even used the term “Targeted Individuals…”

I’m here to tell you I am a victim of these tactics, both online and in my community. I am, in the grand scheme of things, an “average nobody.” And from networking with other targets all over America and in the EU, I’ve realized that I’m far from alone.

I immediately recognized some of the words in those slides, like “anchoring” and “mimicry” because I’ve experienced them in an ongoing community harassment/PSYOP campaign. The community-based portion of these programs are colloquially known as “Organized Stalking” or “Gangstalking.” It’s clear to me that they are nothing more than a resurgence of COINTELPRO.

A few years ago, all of Snowden’s revelations would have seemed unbelievable. Now? Nothing’s shocking. If there’s one thing you can believe, it’s that programs like the one outlined above are not limited to the Internet. They’re alive and well in our communities, and likely orchestrated from within the walls of our local “Fusion Centers.” Almost all targets agree state and local police are heavily involved. My own experience bears out this assertion.

If you are interested in learning more, please Google “fightgangstalking.”

I’m still eagerly awaiting the day Glenn Greenwald releases any information he may have concerning the community-based aspect of these PSYOP programs.

Morning’s Minion 25 Feb 2014 at 6:46 am
It’s very important that we start having the names and stories of those who have already felt the fallout from these programs. That is the most important step in allowing those who continue to claim there is no threat to understand that some lives have already been adversely affected.

I will check out that site and urge you to join forces and start an international campaign to tell the stories of those caught up in the NSA net through as many mainstream venues as possible. Perhaps the Intercept can sponsor a call for stories and start highlighting the details of those who have experienced this.

Ben Whitmore 24 Feb 2014 at 11:47 pm
Libel is a crime. These tactics are, therefore, criminal.

Neal Rauhauser 25 Feb 2014 at 12:22 am
Actually, libel is a civil matter, and when dealing with intentional deception it’s like dealing with a guerrilla army. You need 10x the budget the opponent has just to stay even, which is why activists and movements get crushed. Anyone with a spark of leadership ability gets ruined before they realize what is being done to them.

Gyre07 25 Feb 2014 at 1:43 am
AFAIK, libel is a civil action.

Anonymous 25 Feb 2014 at 2:12 am
You think the US government cares about breaking the law? That’s cute, son.

Martha Trowbridge 24 Feb 2014 at 11:33 pm
God bless you, Glenn!


Mister 24 Feb 2014 at 11:27 pm
“leaking confidential information about companies, stop deals and destroying business relationships”, is that not proof of industrial espionage ? Just imagine how easy it is for them to manipulate and determine the outcome of any business sector when they are in a position to know everything about every businesses online data and telecommunications, even if they are a foreign business.. With this mass surveillance capability its easy to see how the Government can assist their own corporate sponsors, and all under the excuse of necessity for the fight against terrorism. Corrupting perceptions, managing reputations, destroying investor confidence, deliberate falsification and perversion of everything. Foul, disgusting, chilling, shocking, sickening, and psychopathic, corrupt dictatorship. I for one have no trust left for them, and I no longer believe a single word they say about anything.

James Fingleton Wild 24 Feb 2014 at 11:25 pm

Before we launch the new craft, however, we have one more important announcement to share. In 2014, we will be trialling a new collaboration with Russia Today (RT) which will see us licensing 10 episodes to the TV network throughout the course of the year. (BTW: “Licensing” means giving another party the right to broadcast an episodes on their channel/network/etc). Rap News episodes will still be uploaded to our YouTube channel, as in the past; but they will now also be broadcast on RT’s TV network, and on their YouTube channel. The only difference is that we’ll be producing episodes on a more regular basis – thanks to the income from the licensing of the episodes to RT.

Well done Hugo and Giordano.
At that site is referenced
Today we fight back
which is a campaign against the NSA.

James Fingleton Wild 25 Feb 2014 at 12:14 am
Watch it, you know you want to.

Tom 24 Feb 2014 at 11:22 pm
I just don’t see what the fuss is all about. This is normal corporate and government behavior all around the world.

get a life…

TimeToBowDownToSatanThen 24 Feb 2014 at 11:22 pm
Forgive me the brusqueness, BUT a nation of morbidly obese Hedonists with an excessive fondness for masturbation, video games and pharmaceutical drugs does NOT make for good revolutionaries.

It only makes for EXCELLENT peasants.

Hence, I suggest American’ts BOW DOWN to KISS the feet of Lloyd Blankfein, submissively accepting thereby their new reality of RULE by GOLDMAN SACHS !!

Nate 24 Feb 2014 at 11:19 pm
Reading these comments has made one thing absolutely clear. This is an echo chamber that is simply unrivaled from other sites I have visited. Even the cesspit that is Fox Nation isn’t this homogenous in terms of opinions and discussions. I am by no means comparing the contents of the Intercept to that of the sewer that is Fox Nation but for shitssake, this is the least critical, unquestioning tranche of comments I have ever encountered.

Doug Salzmann 24 Feb 2014 at 11:36 pm
So, wade in. ;^)

contisertoli 24 Feb 2014 at 11:45 pm
Interesting. You don’t disagree but you’d like to see differing opinions…so add one instead of just a critique of the others.

Ljrobillard 24 Feb 2014 at 11:45 pm
This sounds a lot like a criticism levelled by someone who wants to express dislike for the forum and maybe the author but hasn’t read or understood the material well enough to criticize it. It’s like an underhanded baseless insult to the people who post here.

RonPaulWins 24 Feb 2014 at 11:46 pm
So what is your actual argument? There isn’t enough pro-NSA/GCHQ comments?

James Fingleton Wild 24 Feb 2014 at 11:50 pm
Many of the psyops mentioned in the latest article are to be seen in real time, here.
What has always struck me about his loyal (bloody good people by the way, the best of the best and I love them all) fans is the presumption by some that Glenn is not capable of the smallest error. Few and very far between are they but many here have taken his defence to extremes. Mr Greenwald may well be the best journalist I have ever read but surely, respectful comments and questions on certain points should not be seen en masse as disrespect of him as an individual.
Mr Greenwald well may be the finest man in media but questioning him should not automatically end in an all fronts attack by the pack. This stiffles broad debate and well may stop many people from posting many views they think reasonable but may be taken by the regulars as pirana bait..
Let me be clear, Questions are not statements and should not be deemed so by the well meaning commentators here.
Strangely this sort of thing is mentioned in the documents provided.
Many come here for the free speech only to find the cost to high on a personal level.
I am so happy Mr Greenwald has his own place here.
To be clear I am a Greenwald addict. I could read him all day.

Hecateus 25 Feb 2014 at 12:46 am
“Mr Greenwald well may be the finest man in media but questioning him should not automatically end in an all fronts attack by the pack. ”
Ideally yes, it should not. However If I were running the show described, I would have set up attackers to do just that. A rabid pack of “defenders” ultimately makes Glenn look worse in the long run.

jackf 25 Feb 2014 at 12:06 am
It’s not an opinion piece. The evidence speaks

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