Thing to do in bed

Sex List: Things To Do In Bed

Below you’ll find a list of more than 60 things that people can do sexually with a partner. You and your partner might enjoy using this list to find out what you’d like to try doing with each other. Simply print two copies of the list. Each of you can then privately complete your list and, after you’re both done, compare your responses. As you go through the list, you may find it helpful to talk not only about the things that you both want to try, but also about the types of sex where you differ. Is one person a “little” interested whereas the other is “very” interested in that activity? If so, is the person who is a little interested willing to explore under certain circumstances that might make the sexual behavior more appealing?Enjoy your exploration!—-How interested are you in engaging in the following sexual activities with your partner? For each item, mark “0″ if you’re not at all interested, “1″ if you’re a little interested, “2″ if you’re moderately interested and “3″ if you feel very interested.1. Masturbating in front of each other2. Vaginal intercourse3. Mutual oral sex (“69″)4. Anal intercourse5. Oral-anal sex (“rimming”)6. Role-playing (doctor/nurse, prisoner/warden, teacher/student, etc)7. Using a sex toy on yourself8. Using a sex toy on your partner9. Vaginal fisting10. Anal fisting11. Stripping for your partner12. Your partner stripping for you13. Having sex on a beach14. Having sex under the stars15. Having sex in the car while parked on the side of a road16. Having a threesome17. Having sex in front of other people at a sex club18. Watching other people have sex at a sex club19. Hiring a prostitute/sex worker together20. Eating food off your partner’s body21. Having your partner eat food off of your body22. Whip your partner23. Be whipped by your partner24. Tie or otherwise bind your partner25. Be tied up or bound by your partner26. Engage in a golden shower (peeing on one another)27. Give or receive a facial (ejaculating on a partner’s face)28. Breast touching or massage29. Bathe together30. Make a home made sex tape31. Send each other sexy photos32. Send each other sexy texts33. Have sex while in the shower34. Have sex in a cheap motel room35. Have sex in a luxurious hotel room or suite36. Lick champagne off your partner’s body37. Ask your partner to lick champagne off of your body38. Hire someone to photograph you having sex together39. Call in sick from work and stay home making love40. Have a simultaneous orgasm (orgasm at the same time)41. Stimulate his prostate42. Have your prostate stimulated43. Groom or shave each other’s pubic hair44. Wear sexy lingerie45. Spend at least 30 minutes having foreplay46. Make out for an hour without touching each other’s genitals47. Dry hump48. Have sex three times in one day49. Have sex every day for a month50. Read erotic stories to each other51. Write each other a love poem52. Write an erotic story together53. Squeeze your partner’s nipples54. Have your nipples squeezed55. Spank your partner56. Be spanked57. Act like a gender different than the one you identify with58. Kiss your partner’s entire body from the top of their head to the bottom of their feet59. Lick your partner’s body60. Watch porn together61. Nipple clamping62. Axillary intercourse (penis is thrust through a partner’s armpit opening)63. Penile intercourse between the thighs (but not in the vagina or anus)64. Penile intercourse between the breasts65. Performing oral sex66. Receiving oral sex67. Masturbating each other